John Davies

John Davies, British photographer became famous due to his research on the English Industrial Landscape. these where observed in vast and detailed views.

John Davies’s work belongs to the world of contemporary documentary photography.

Copyright John Davies ( Viaduct, Stockport, 1986)


Work such as that above I enjoy to look at, But there is that industrial look to them, but also that the industry has done its job, and now nature on the canal is giving its own make over.

The boldness of the black and white print, really draws on the past and what scenes would have been view-able from here 20 or 30 years before this photograph was taken.



Copyright John Davies
Copyright John Davies (Agecroft Power Station, Salford)


Again the way the black and white really draws on the true industrial landscape. but the context of the playing field in the fore ground so close to the industry.

The solid concrete cooling towers really dominate the scenery, but they aren’t an eyesore.


John Davies Website

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