Sophy Rickett

Much of Sophy’s work explores the tension between the narrative tendencies and abstract possibilities of the photographic image.

Her works have a minimal quality, and create spatial plays and ambiguities that draw attention to the material nature of the photograph rather than to the receding illusory space behind the picture plane.

One piece of work that draws my attention is “Auditorium”

It looks at the mechanics of staging and lighting. Without the staging and the lighting performances and theater wouldn’t be as dramatic or serve its purpose as such. Whilst it is down to those on stage it is also the effects that are given in the way of back drops and lighting.

In a sense the way i am looking at the railways, the industry they provided to and transported for wouldn’t exist without the railways.

Whilst there was road transport in the mid 1900’s there was none in that scale or usefulness back in the 1800’s

Focusing on something that doesn’t usually get that much attention and is sort of expected gives and interesting piece of work.

An extract from Auditorium from Photoworks on Vimeo.


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