Castle Eden Walkway

Castle Eden Walkway is situated near Thorpe Thewles, near Stockton on Tees.

The North-Eastern railway was opened in 1880, it joined with Bowesfield junction, Stockton, Thorpe Thewles and a few others.

The line was used for both Freight and Passenger, However Passenger use was stopped in 1931, 51 years after it opened. Freight stopped in 1951 20 years after the passenger services. However Mineral usage continued until 1966. The track stood still till 1979, when Cleveland county council knocked down the viaduct and took the track up to make way for a nature trail which still stands and thrives today.


Map of Area: 1986


Map of Area 2011


Castle Eden Walkway June 2013



Sources: BBC Domesday Reloaded


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